(Nederlands) jij + ik = 1 ons

A programme of five lessons (of 1 hour each, ages 8-12).
Main theme: prejudices. What are they? We all have them, but how do they affect our behaviour? We will compare apples to apples, model a self-portrait, discuss, observe, watch and act together.


(Nederlands) 4 x B = ?

(Studying, modelling, painting, observing). Series of four lessons (or five).
In this series, the art of sculpting is used to translate feelings into shapes.
In lesson 1, we start by watching a digital slideshow of a range of sculptures and then go outside to look at some sculptures in the immediate area. Abstract or figurative? After the session the children will have been introduced to these notions. lees meer

(Nederlands) WoordKarakter (bovenbouw)

Workshop (Word personality, groups 6,7,8)
Do words have a personality of their own? This workshop is a bit more challenging than the younger children’s programme. After an introduction (including a digital slideshow) about the different fonts and their ‘personalities’, the children will design a book title. lees meer

(Nederlands) LetterHumeur (middenbouw)

Letterhumeur (Moody Fonts, groups 4,5,6)
Can letters have a particular mood? The children are introduced to the world of fonts. The story is not only told by letters, but by their form and colour as well. The children will be ‘typographers’ for a day, concentrating on the words Happy & Angry. lees meer

(Nederlands) TekenTaal (onderbouw)

Tekentaal (Signs & Symbols, groups 1 & 2)
Big Bear can’t read or write, but he wants to write a letter to his cousin in America to tell him his good news! The children will help him, by making clay tablets. lees meer